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EXHIBITOR SUBMISSION terms and conditions

You, the Vendor agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Full payment must be received with signed agreement.  Your space will not be confirmed until payment is made.  Vendor set-up times and event times are strictly enforced.  Vendors must have all booth items ready each day by the time the event is open to the public.  

  2. Vendors must be open and remain accessible to attendees during all hours of the PHX Animation Expo  event, and under no circumstances will begin moving displays until the event is complete on the agreed set date.

  3. Payment for a booth includes only the booth space itself, table with tablecloth, two chairs, and vendor sign. Payments for Wi-Fi and electricity are handled by third party companies. If you are interested in either or both, please inquire, and PHX Animation Expo can provide you the contact information.  

  4. At the conclusion of the PHX Animation Expo , Vendor will properly remove all items, displays and other material from the booth, which includes proper trash disposal. If you are bringing special equipment or arcade machines, please talk to us in advance and we can make special accommodations for more additional move out time or assistance.  Vendors must be moved out no later than the agreed date. 

  5. No food or drinks can be sold or given away by any Vendor without any prior approval of the PHX Animation Expo team.    

  6. No outside music is permitted within the vendor hall or PHX Animation Expo current venue.   

  7. Each person behind the vendor booth must have a visible vendor badge displayed. Each Vendor will be provided passes to the expo. Extra vendor badges can be purchased for a special discounted rate.   

  8. No smoking or alcohol is permitted on any part of the premises.   

  9. Maintain your vendor area immediately surrounding your space in a neat and reasonable manner free of garbage and debris.  Failure to do so may subject Vendor to a fine or other appropriate sanction.

  10. Space assignment is in the sole discretion of PHX Animation Expo  management. PHX Animation Expo will try its best to accommodate your request, but cannot make any guarantees. Space assignment is in the sole discretion of the PHX Animation Expo management.   

  11. Management for the PHX Animation Expo , the City of Phoenix or anyone with authority has the right to refuse or revoke any application or deny access to and/or remove vendors from the event at any time prior to or during the event.  No refunds will be given under these circumstances.   

  12. Vendor is solely responsible for paying any applicable state, local, and federal taxes, and for obtaining any required business licenses.   

  13. Vendor agrees to abide by all local, state, and federal law.   

  14. Vendor agrees to abide by all current venue rules and regulations, a copy of which is available upon written request to the PHX Animation Expo  management.   

  15. Vendor agrees to abide by any current rules and regulations, as well as any rules or regulations that PHX Animation Expo  may notify Vendor in writing.  

  16. Vendor will not hold PHX Animation Expo responsible or liable for any breaches, losses, or damage to themselves or their property. 

  17. No bootlegging of any kind is allowed at PHX Animation Expo.   

  18. If you are selling any types of weapons, please notify the PHX Animation Expo team for approval.   

  19. No reselling of any vendor space is permitted.

  20. No refunds will be provided 30 days prior to the PHX Animation Expo event.

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